Bitcoin, the Blockchain and Beyond

With the participation of the most prominent profiles in the community, pioneering organizations and renowned universities.

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Salt, shells, gold coins, paper money—currency has taken many forms over the centuries, but the next evolved version might be virtual, global, and decentralized. Cryptocurrency is the new-age, futuristic currency, and it may soon redefine our very understanding of money.

This book takes you on a journey to the future of money and the blockchain universe. Starting from the basics, it moves on to explaining everything you need to know to make up your own mind on the potential, strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology.

Bitcoin and the Blockchain

Understand the inner workings of Bitcoin and the Blockchain step by step. How are bitcoins created? What are the rules? What is a decentralized consensus? How secure is it? What are the challenges and potential solutions?

The ecosystem

Get ready to know everything you need before using cryptocurrencies. What are your options to store them? How do wallets differ from one another? Where and how can you spend them?

Is it money? Currency?

Make up your mind on whether Bitcoin has what it takes to be real money or currency. Through a historical perspective, discover what constitutes good money and a good currency before reflecting on whether Bitcoin can be money or currency.

The bigger picture

Sense the bigger picture surrounding Bitcoin. How do political, economic, and regulatory forces affect Bitcoin and how does Bitcoin affect them? Given Bitcoin's strengths and weaknesses, what role is it likely to play in the future?

Cryptocurrencies and innovations

Push your thinking to new levels by discovering alternative cryptocurrencies serving different purposes and using different consensus or distribution mechanisms (such as ICOs). Ever heard of auxiliary proof-of-work and its pitfalls?

Beyond cryptocurrencies

Discover the true potential of the blockchain technology, from smart-contracts to decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). This part of the book unleashes what blockchain means for your business and for society. How does it reinvent our identity, basic income, and our democracies?


Dr. Adam BACK - David BIRCH - Luke DASHJR - Eitan KATCHKA - Christoph JENTZSCH - Joseph POON - Andrew POELSTRA -
Matthew SPOKE - Stephan TUAL - And many more


BitAccess - BitPay - Bitstamp - Blockstream - Deloitte - Everledger -  Oraclize - Catholic University of Louvain - Cornell University - Xapo - Ethereum Foundation - Baker & McKenzie - MIT Media Lab - IBM

Why it matters

Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet

Blockchain brings to value what Internet brought to information

What other people say

"Bitcoin is better than currency" Bill Gates

Sir Richard Branson accepts Bitcoin for people who want to fly into space

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Jean-Luc Verhelst

Jean-Luc Verhelst is a strategy and blockchain consultant for Monitor Deloitte and delivered multi-day trainings in EMEA and USA. He won the world's largest blockchain hackathon of 2016 and his master thesis on Bitcoin received the award for best financial thesis of 2014 in Belgium. He founded the think-tank BlockchainHub Brussels and holds degrees in IT and Business. Most importantly, Jean-Luc has a real passion for Bitcoin, blockchains and how they will shape our future. For his speaking events and appearances, check out his personal website.